Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use An Independent Publisher

Why go with independent publishing?

In the printing industry, the power is shifting from publisher to author – it is an indie revolution. However, this revolution did not happen overnight but has been transforming the face of publishing for some time now.


Over the years, technology has evolved and allowed people to produce their own movies and music independently. Authors too wanted a slice of the pie and that is how independent publishing came into being.


With independent publishing, authors could collaborate with others to design, write, publish, and market their books separately from the traditional routes. Since inception, independent publishing has made major strides and it’s now an authoritative and legitimate way to bring a book to market.


Some authors still opt to go it alone – researching, coordinating, and completing all aspects of the publishing process on their own in what is known as self-publishing. Others turn to independent book publishers.


Independent publishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea but can be a great fit for authors that would like to bring a book to market. The following are three benefits of independent publishing.


1.    Freedom

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Although you may not technically have as much freedom as you would with Self-Publishing, independent publishing gives you the freedom to publish what you wish on your schedule. Here, you have the power to determine the content you write about, the level and type of editing, all design elements you would like included, and much more.


2.    You Retain Control


Unlike traditional publishing houses, independent publishers do not buy the rights to your book from you. With indie publishing, you are the one in charge when it comes to your book. You own and control virtually every aspect of your book, from the cover to the content.


The role of the independent publisher is to ensure that your book will live up to industry standards but at the same it wont lose your unique voice.


In addition, you get to choose what you would like to do with the book once it is published. For example, if you market your book and get an offer from the traditional publishers, you can choose to sign with them.


3.    Quickest Way To Get Your Book To Market


Getting your book published and market-ready can take a long time when publishing with a traditional publisher. Obviously, there is the difficulty of the publisher accepting you, which can take several months or never at all. If you are published, you have to go through a lot. This is never the case with independent publishing.


With independent publishing, you remain in control of your book meaning that you will have your book in hand in less time.


In conclusion, independent publishing provides many benefits that traditional publishing simply does not as clearly outlined in this article. If you are ready to publish and become a published author with a book in print, you are welcome to embark on your journey by talking to a few independent publishing companies. Get in touch with their publishing specialists to learn more about how you can get your book published.

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