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The Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies (FABS) is a loose association of book collecting clubs. We are a non-profit 501C (6) organization, and do not seek any control or authority in any of the member clubs’ policies or activities. Our mission is to communicate, share, and support bibliocentric activities, experience, and ideas among member clubs for mutual benefit and pleasure.


To that purpose we have established the FABS Newsletter, set annual meetings during a major antiquarian book-fair, and hold annual gatherings in member clubs’ home locales. There we share bibliophilic experiences at rare book and special libraries, with book dealers, and at private home collections of rare and interesting bookish items.


During these gatherings we see treasures not generally accessible to the ordinary visitor. We also conduct, at these gatherings, a symposium with national and local book professionals, authors, collectors, dealers, educators, printers, publishers, book designers, and librarians. We have published some of these symposium addresses in Book Talk, published by the Oak Knoll Press in 2009.


Since 1995, the FABS Newsletter has been published. Issued twice each year, it typically has 32 or 36 pages and contains bibliocentric articles, reviews, announcements, and news from member clubs. We accept paid advertising in the newsletter.


FABS also supports programs of the Library of Congress and the American Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (AABA). In 2010, we supplied these two organizations with man-power and finances in order to conduct a college student essay contest about their own private collecting experience.


The concept of FABS was initially developed after a celebration in 1992, during Cleveland’s Rowfant Club’s 100th anniversary. Leaders of major book clubs in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco attended. We realized how mutual all our interests were, and how positive closer affiliation would be. We officially organized at the Grolier Club in New York on November 5, 1993 after an earlier meeting that year in Chicago at the Caxton Club.


Lawrence N. Siegler

January 4, 2011 



As of the date you see below, FABS is made up of 30 member clubs in the Americas and . Approximately, 7,500 individuals are associated with FABS through their membership in book-collectors’ clubs.




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